Thoroughbred racing show that offers tips on how to spot a longshot in the racing form.We will be doing an idepth analysis of actual past races that I have handcapped. These races will contain the secrets of what to look for when searching for the longshot bet.

The problem is that the track/house edge is so high that any system is going to be tough to win with in the long run but betting longshot horses gives you a chance. There are so many betting systems for horse racing out there and none will work enough to overcome the long term track take out so that means looking at exotics and longshots in horse racing betting.  Picking longshots is not always easy but these bets are what pay the most and long shots in horseracing make for exciting payoffs for those handicappers willing to pick longshots.

Sometimes the best racehorse to bet against at a racetrack is the favorite.  That may sound strange since we know that favorites win about a third of the time, but if you want to make money at horse racing betting then you can’t be betting favorites every race, you need to pick some longshots. Usually a racehorse is the favorite because the public has put money behind this horse at the racetrack and ignored the racing longshots.  How many times do you think the public ends the year in the black in horse racing betting?  If you answered none you are right.  The public doesn’t win in the long term when it comes to horse betting but longshot handicappers have a chance.   If you see a favorite getting bet too much by the public then chances are the racehorse is bet beyond its value and is a good go-against horse and there are live racing longshots.

Horse racing favorites are priced too low.  That is why they can win about a third of the time and still you don’t make any money by betting them. How do we know when favorites are weak? One way is to look at a horse’s past performances in the Daily Racing Form.  Most favorites lose when you find wagering factors going against them. Taking the time to separate strong contenders from weak favorites by looking at past performances will give you the chance to make a profit in horse wagering.

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